Scavengers Adventure Pack

Introducing the new Scavengers Adventure Pack – $25

You can’t explore the treasures of San Diego breweries without the necessities, can you? As trusty as Indiana Jones’ whip, fedora and satchel, the Scavengers Adventure Pack includes:

  • A Pair of Folding Sunglasses (Scavengers Beer Goggles)
  • 2 Day Temporary Scavengers Tattoos
  • Scavengers Brass Keychain Bottle Opener
  • Scavengers Foam Beer Coozie
  • Scavengers 12 Pack Insulated Cooler

You can purchase your Adventure Pack for $25 when booking your tour online in the “Add-ons” section.
We highly recommend purchasing these explorer packs in case of beer emergencies.

Safety first!














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